List of Study Projects

New Forest Airfields – suggestions for educational study projects

Macchi’s red racing seaplanes – “flying Ferraris” in the Schneider trophy races.

Sir Alan Cobham and Flight Refuelling Aviation.

Czechoslovak squadrons at Ibsley and Beaulieu in World War 2

Charles Rolls and the 1910 Bournemouth centenary air display

HMS Raven at Eastleigh and Christchurch Airfields

William McArdle and J Armstrong Drexel, Motormacs, the New Forest Flying School and East Boldre aerodrome.

Hurn Airport 1944-47, forerunner of Heathrow.

Bath Travel and Palmair – pioneers in package and charter holidays.

The School and College of Air Traffic Control at Hurn

Tommy Sopwith and the Sopwith Batboat

Airspeed of Portsmouth and Christchurch

The de Havilland Vampire, Venom and Sea Vixen.

RAF Sopley 1940-45.

Lord Vesty and the airship “Bournemouth”.

Carroll W. McColpin.

The 394th Bomb Group at Holmsley South, Captain Darrel Lindsey, winner of the Congressional Medal of Honour.

Air Sea Rescue Launches and RAF marine craft at Calshot.

R J Mitchell and Supermarine seaplanes.

Lady Lucy Houston and the Schneider trophy.

John Cunningham and de Havilland Mosquito night fighters at Hurn.

Airborne Forces Experimental Establishment at Beaulieu.

The Horsa glider and the Glider Pilot Regiment.

Calshot, the Short Sunderland and the Berlin Airlift.

These Projects were developed by FONFA initially for students at Cantell School in Southampton. They are all subjects for which there are references easily accessed via the Internet or through inexpensive books that are in print and easily available in the locality or through library reference sources.

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