Captain Darrell R Lindsey USAAF

Winner of a posthumous Medal of Honor flying from Holmsley South

Lindsey 1

Bombs falling on the bridges at L’Isle Adam, inset is Captain Lindsey

A total of about thirty thousand US Airmen flew from the New Forest Airfields including the 394th Bomb Group who flew from Holmsley South in 1944. On August 9th 1944 the 394th flew to attack the rail bridge over the Oise River at L’Isle Adam, a few miles north of Paris. Despite his aircraft having being hit twice by anti-aircraft, having been blown out of formation once and the aircraft being on fire, 25-year-old Capt. Darrell Lindsey continued to lead the attack, and after the attack held his aircraft level whilst the crew escaped. Before Captain Lindsey could leave the cockpit, the wing tank exploded. The B-26 went into a steep dive and hit the ground in a ball of fire. Captain Darrell Lindsey was posthumously awarded America’s highest decoration for valour, the Medal of Honor. Uncharacteristic of the formal, stilted citations for combat awards, the citation for Lindsey’s Medal of Honor ends with these words: “All who are living today from this plane owe their lives to the fact that Captain Lindsey remained cool and showed supreme courage in this emergency.” For him, completing the mission came first, the safety of his crew second, his own survival last.

Lindsey 2

Captain Lindsey and his decorations. The Medal of Honor is top centre


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