WW2 New Forest Airfield Spotter Logs

A couple of years ago we bought a set of log books kept locally by an anonymous aircraft spotter in WW2. The originals are kept in our reference library and can be studied there on our open days or by appointment. The downloads available below for 1943 and 1945 are OK but suffer from having to be scanned in from a handwritten foolscap size bound book. The logs can now be viewed and downloaded below.

The first is a summary of all those aircraft see locally by type and in many cases some of all of the information on location, type, serial code and even colour details.

ww2 spotter log book summary

The 1942 log starts as a list of aircraft types and numbers for each day. However the logger managed some airfield visits in August and the entries for this month have much more detail. If you’re a Whitley enthusiast then the August entries are the ones for you.

1942 spotters log

The 1943 log is a day by day diary of aircraft seen. The level of detail increases throughout the year. If you’re an Airspeed Oxford enthusiast this is the one for you.

1943 spotters log

The 1944 spotter log covers January 1st ’til August 9th 1944. It is by far the most detailed record; dates, types, codes, serials, names and colours. This period was the busiest period for the New Forest and neighbouring airfields covering the arrival of the USAAF in advance of D Day and the addition of five advanced landing grounds. During the summer of 1944 ten of the 12 New Forest Airfields were heavily involved in the Overlord operations.

1944 spotter log jan to early august

The 1945 log covers not just Poole. Bournemouth and the New Forest but also Southampton and Camberley/Farnborough. Some interesting post war allied military visitors to Hurn (a civil aerodrome after Oct 1944), some interesting line ups at Southampton and fascinating variety of exotic types in the skies around Farnborough.

1945 spotters log

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