First School Visit to the New Museum and Education Centre

Monday 12th December 2016 was a Red Letter Day for the new FONFA  Museum, with the first ever school visit to the Museum at its new location, as part of the Charity’s Outreach Programme to the local community and schools.

Fifteen pupils from Year Six at New Milton Junior School, accompanied by two of the teachers, spent two hours at the Museum, viewing the exhibits and learning about the importance of the New Forest Airfields in World War II. They were welcomed  by the Chairman of Trustees, Dr Henry Goodall, and FONFA Trustees John Brooks and Lynn Corbin.
The pupils were enthusiastic about what they saw and heard, with several of them taking copious notes and many photographs of the Museum contents, as they looked around the many and varied exhibits, during their visit.

wwi-diorama-pic-nmjsch-12-12-16 nm-school-12-12-16

As a bonus, they also met with and received a short talk from WWII Merchant Navy Veteran of the North Atlantic Convoys and the Pacific War, Mick Avery, who explained his part in defending and supplying food and essential materials to Britain, in those dark days.


Henry Goodall said, “This is the first of what we hope will be many visits by schools to the new Museum and Education Centre, in the coming years. We are keen to encourage other local schools to take this opportunity to use the Museum as a learning resource for their pupils, so that they are better informed about their own local history and heritage. Had it not been for the courage and determination of the young pilots who flew from these twelve airfields, the Second World War would have lasted much longer and may well have been lost, as a result.”

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