The Olivier LeFloch Newsletters – Issue No. 7

This month, we publish the seventh of these Newsletters, which chronicle the progress of the American 367th Fighter Group, through training and combat in WWII. If you have read the previous six Newsletters, you will have learned about their experiences leading up to D-Day in June 1944, flying from Stoney Cross in the New Forest, Hampshire, England.

This issue has more details of the dogfights in June and has a complete list of all missions flown in August 1944.  What may surprise some readers is the high percentage of dive bombing missions, with which the 367th ‘Fighter’ Group was tasked in August 1944.

Including one high altitude bombing mission, led by the ‘Droop Snoot’ P-38, the Group flew a total of 123 missions in August 1944. Of these, 71 (58%) were dive bombing missions, not bad for a so-called ‘Fighter’ Group!                                                                      The usual number of P-38Js on every mission was between 11 and 16. The standard load out on these dive bombing missions was between 2000 and 4000 lbs of bombs for each aircraft, which totals to well over 1000 TONS dropped by the Group on the enemy in just one month!

This Newsletter was originally circulated to 367th FG members in March 2013. In addition, it contains an unusual story about ‘Doc’ Livingstone’s P-38 ‘Moonlight Cock-tail’ Nose Art.

Follow the link on the Black Headline Listing above, click on ‘the Olivier LeFloch Newsletters’ headline, or on the link below, and this will take you to the list of newsletters.

Newsletter 367th Fighter Group issue 7 

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