The Olivier LeFloch Newsletters – Issue No. 12

This issue of the 367th Fighter Group Newsletter (Number 12) was originally issued to Group members in March 2016. It relates Al Diefendorf’s story of the event in 1950, which (after WWII) could have started WWIII.

Next, the story of Jimmy Peck, a popular leader who had joined the RAF Eagle Squadrons and flown with the RAF in Malta, before joining the American 367th Fighter Group. He was killed tragically in a landing accident at Stoney Cross, when an engine failed at a critical moment. Also in this issue, the story of Don Erickson, who died with his stricken aircraft, while courageously avoiding houses in a French village, leaving him virtually no chance of a successful bail out.

We hope that you will both enjoy and be thankful for the courage, repeatedly displayed day after day by these young pilots, whose sacrifices helped to secure the freedoms that we enjoy today.

Newsletter 367th Fighter Group issue 12

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