The Olivier LeFloch Newsletters – Issue No. 13

This month’s 367th Fighter Group Newsletter contains descriptions of the various movements of the American Group’s units, from leaving their English base at Ibsley and making their different journeys across the English Channel. This was done by various means, as the three Squadrons were split up initially, on their arrival in Normandy, going to three different newly built airstrips (Advanced Landing Grounds). The ‘hurry up and wait’ of service life is amply illustrated, thanks to personal recollections and the photos of the late Clyde Deavers. The second part of this description will be published in Newsletter Number 14, in two months’ time.

Next, a section on investigating a crash site in France, with photographs. This is followed by some typed menus and messages from the Thanksgiving Meals that the Group had in November 1944, courtesy of Vern Truemper, a former pilot with the 367th FG.                  The Newsletter continues with a tribute to 2nd Lt James Parker, 394th Fighter Squadron.

Finally there is a link to the US Ninth Air Force Engineer Command, who built airfields in France, for the Group and many others, which you may wish to follow, to learn about these unsung heroes, who often worked close to the front line, within shell range of enemy artillery, whose sole mission was to make their lives hell. Make sure you check out the link

Click on ‘Videos’ on the list at the left hand side of the page. Scroll down to ‘Transportable Runway’ for a description of how to build a Pierced Steel Plank (PSP) runway for an Advanced Landing Ground.

However, above this clip, make sure you play the clip headed  “I’ve been working on an airfield” to learn something I don’t expect you ever expected to see or hear. Don’t miss it!

Newsletter 367th Fighter Group_issue13

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