Unusual Find at WWII Holmsley South Airfield – Donated to FONFA

Last week, while carrying out a ‘litter pick’ in some undergrowth and cleaning up the Holmsley Camp Site, the Site staff came across an interesting unknown object in good condition. It was a standard Nissen Hut light shade fitting, many tens of thousands of which were manufactured for use in Service premises and on RAF airfields, during World War II. They were normally suspended from the ceiling, to give light over a wide area.  The dark green gloss paint is mostly in good condition after 60+ years in the undergrowth. The electric shroud fitting is corroded and the white inside and edge is stained with some rust but, given that it has spent the interim in the open, it is in remarkable condition. They were used everywhere, from offices to radio sites; parachute packing blocks to latrines. In order that the largest number of people can view this artefact, the Holmsley Camp Site has kindly donated it to FONFA, for display in the Museum. We are grateful to them and in particular appreciate the support of Lou Barry, who alerted us to the find.                      We will display it with photographs of how the fittings were used; yet another important original piece of local history to add to our growing collection of WWII memorabilia.

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