Christchurch Mayor visits the FONFA Museum

The Museum Open Day on Sunday 14th October was a ‘Red Letter’ Day. when the FONFA Trustees welcomed Councillor Lesley Dedman, the Mayor of Christchurch, on an official Mayoral visit to the New Forest Airfields Museum at Bransgore.                                                  She has family Service connections and has held a longstanding interest in local education, so as keen to see what we are able to offer young people, through the various exhibits, models, memorabilia and limited edition prints housed in the Museum.                              The Mayor spent almost two hours on a guided Museum tour, accompanied by Dr. Henry Goodall, FONFA Chair of Trustees, and met long serving Trustees John Brooks and Lynn Corbin, who were also in attendance.                                                                                                  
We hope that this visit will promote new contacts with more local schools, through her personal interest and recommendations, and that this will in turn lead to us being able to expand our outreach to the local community, with greater publicity and community involvement in the work of our Heritage Charity, going forward.                                                  Our aim thereby is to tell the story and spread the knowledge of our local WWII aviation heritage far and wide, to all young people in the New Forest area, by informing and educating them about the dedication and heroism of past generations, without whose sacrifices, they would not enjoy the freedoms that they do, today.



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  1. Philip Benstead says:

    Thanks – posted on the fb page. Philip B.



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