New Milton Junior School Visits – January 10th and February 14th

On Thursday 14th February, Former FONFA Chairman and current Hon. Treasurer, John Brooks, and current Chairman of the FONFA Trustee Board, Dr Henry Goodall, attended New Milton Junior School, for the second time in 2019, as in previous years. The first visit was on 10th January, when Henry gave a PowerPoint presentation to the ninety children in Year 6, about the New Forest Airfields in WWII, and John described his experiences of being a young boy in London during the German V-I flying bomb blitz campaign, in 1944.  Working in groups of three or four, the children had produced their own mini-museum exhibits, depicting life in WWII, which they had researched via the Internet and through their family histories, with original identity cards, ration books, photographs, medals and uniforms, which their great grandfathers and great grandmothers had used and worn. The displays were extremely innovative and varied, from air raid shelters, to recruiting and propaganda posters, cooking and recipes, ‘dig for victory’ with vegetables, ‘make do and mend’, music, toys and entertainment, the evacuation programme for children, an audio visual presentation on Allied and Axis aircraft, and even an original clothing ration book. We value our association with New Milton Junior School highly and are privileged to be able to tell the story of their local heritage, to these children, year on year.  It saddens us that, in spite of invitations to other local schools, none has accepted our offer to visit them or for their pupils to visit our Heritage Centre.                                                                          This is these children’s history and heritage, but we need the co-operation of other Head Teachers to be allowed to add this important historical dimension and knowledge to their education. Our hope is that by showcasing the strong leadership and what is being achieved locally at New Milton Junior School, other schools will follow in their footsteps.

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