The man who built a Spitfire IX, starting with a single rivet.

You may be interested to check out the story of Martin Phillips, a man who built a Spitfire IX, over two decades, starting with a single rivet. The link is at:

IWC credit: James McNaught. “I remember when it taxied out, I looked at it and thought about all those bits. And then I was in bits. I was just crying; I was so ecstatic to see it,” says Martin Phillips of the day his Spitfire first flew.                                                                          IWC credit: James McNaught. Martin Phillips’s Spitfire, wearing temporary silver paint so it can stand in – if needed – for the Silver Spitfire set to circumnavigate the globe this summer; here, it is having its wings reattached after being transported to Geneva for an event with the watch company.

Spitfire IXs were based at Ibsley in 1943-4, with 310, 312, 313 Czech Sqns, the Ibsley Wing, led by Wing Commander Ian Richard ‘Widge’ Gleed DSO, DFC, who had been promoted to the rank, aged 25, at Middle Wallop. He is pictured below in his Spitfire with the “Figaro the Cat” cartoon character, destroying a swastika, with a right hook.                   


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