New Spitfire VB model now on display

Master Modeller Kip Watson has recently modelled the Spitfire VB in 1/32nd scale for the Heritage Centre Museum.The aircraft depicted was the mount of Wing Commander Christopher ‘Bunny’ Currant, DSO, DFC & Bar, who commanded the Ibsley Wing in 1942-3, and was seen alongside the actor David Niven, in the 1942 film, ‘The First of the Few’, starring Leslie Howard as Reginald Mitchell, designer of the Spitfire, with David Niven as the Supermarine test pilot.  The pilots at Ibsley, from 501 Squadron, carried out flying and other activities for the film crew, in between offensive missions over France. It is said that David Niven was so impressed by the young pilots that,when filming was finished, he stood them all dinner at the Savoy Hotel, in London, to thank them for their contributions.                                      The detail in this model is outstanding, giving an insight into the cannons, which gave the Mark VB superior fire power, when compared with the Mark Is and IIs of the Battle of Britain, two years earlier, and, of course, the scratch built trestle, use to raise the tail of the aircraft, to zero the cannons and machine guns and for servicing requirements.

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