U.S. Visitors to the Heritage Centre and New Forest Airfields Memorial

Two American visitors viewed the Museum and Memorial on 31st May, as part of their journey to the 75th Anniversary of D-Day commemorations in Normandy. They are part of a group from the Houston, Texas area, who have shipped their vehicles, two restored WWII trucks and a Jeep and trailer, over to Southampton, in the UK, in a shipping container. The group, which numbers almost thirty, will be driving the vehicles around significant WWII sites and museums in Europe, ending their two week trip in Bastogne, Belgium.

Dennis Huebner and Henry Mayo were shown the sites of the WWII airfields at Winkton, Holmsley South and Stoney Cross, as well as the Heritage Centre Museum, by FONFA Chair of Trustees, Henry Goodall. They were very interested in the new interactive displays and were pleased to see so many aircraft models. Henry Mayo volunteers at a WWII Museum near to his home and stated that, although they have vehicles and artefacts, they have few models on display there.

Dennis Huebner and Henry Mayo are pictured below, in front of the New Forest Airfields Memorial. Henry Mayo (right) and Henry Goodall first met five years ago, in December 2014, on a battlefields tour of the area of Belgium in which the Battle of the Bulge was fought, in the winter of 1944-45.

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