Fighter Pilot Memories

Memories of a Fighter Pilot
Tell us how it was up there
You fighting men that fly !                                                                                                                 The excitement and the glamour
Of your life up in the sky.

Oh! there was plenty of excitement,
Maybe a little glamour too.                                                                                                                    But first and foremost in our minds
Was the job we had to do.

We learned to fly, and loved to fly
But there were times we found                                                                                                    When the flak was bursting ’round us
We’d be safer on the ground.

How can we tell you how it was
To fight the war up there?                                                                                                       Knowing we could meet our death
Anytime. Anywhere.

How can we tell you how it felt
To joke around and kid with John? (*)                                                                                       Then come back from a mission
And find that he was gone.

We learned to live with danger
Yet somehow through it all                                                                                                              The comradeship we learned to share
Is what we most recall.

Many years have come and gone
Since WWII did cease                                                                                                                       God grant that in our lifetime
We truly may have Peace!

1st Lt. Gordon Briggs, 386th Fighter Squadron,                                                  365th Fighter Group ‘Hell Hawks’ USAF, Beaulieu April – June 1944

Refers to 1st Lt. John Wallace who was killed in action on March 23, 1945. A good friend of Lt. Briggs


This is a session with Capt. Charlie Mohrle, who flew from Christchurch with the 405th Fighter Group, which he recorded when aged 91.

The session starts at Christchurch but you can click the video back to the beginning to hear the full story.